Education is often a crucial part of becoming upwardly mobile in our society. Do you want to invest in the educational advancement of the community members you serve? Specifically, are you a leader in a school district with staff or students who may need professional guidance through the competitive college admissions process for undergraduate or graduate schools? Maybe, you are the director of a non-profit that wants to help retool your community members with the information required to navigate the college admissions process. Through a variety of package options, this is what we offer to support your efforts to make your constituency better equipped for the 21st Century:

College Admissions Workshops

Topics Covered:

  • What questions should I ask admissions officers?
  • How do I select the best colleges to apply to for my program of interest?
  • How important are test scores right now?
  • What are admissions counselors expecting from my essay?
  • Tips on crafting a competitive application for admission
  • What are the pros and cons of EA, ED, RA, and rolling admissions?
  • Tips on how to keep everything organized to avoid missing deadlines

Application Completion Seminar Series

  • Starting Early: Things you need to do in the pre-application stage
    • undergraduate admissions (BA, BS)
    • graduate admissions (MA, MBA, MS, Ed.D., Ph.D.)
  • How to write a compelling essay
  • Improving your interviewing skills

Are you ready? We want your community members to reach higher and go further!