Listen to our Pelham parents!

Bill stated:

“We came in with a lot of questions about admissions, tuition, and financial aid options, and she answered them all. She gave us ideas for different avenues of financial aid and scholarships, and ways to make our daughter stand out among other applicants. This garnered her individual attention from the admissions board which was invaluable! We look forward to working with Kenya again when my son is ready for college.”

Katrina stated:

“Working with Kenya proved to be rewarding for both me and my son. Neither of us were very knowledgeable about the process of applying to college or for financial aid. Kenya freely shared her expertise in a way that truly prepared us for college visits, and my son for his first semester. She dealt with my son as an adult which set the expectations for how he would handle college staff and faculty interactions. Finally, her compassion for my son and her passion for her work was both empowering for us and encouraging to us.” 

Kisha stated:

“Mrs. Mosby was extremely helpful throughout my son’s college admissions process. She evaluated my son’s admissions essay’s and provided assistance navigating the Common App. She was very patient with my son. My son was accepted into his dream school. This would not have been possible without her.”

Ritu and Mohit stated:

“Ms. Kenya has been extremely instrumental in the college application process for our son who is now a freshman at Purdue University. Our son would have elaborate discussions with her, and she would patiently answer all his queries and give relevant suggestions on his numerous essays. Our son would call her, text her and email her, and she would instantly reply and set up a time for discussion. In our very first meeting with Ms. Kenya, we felt an instant connection with her. Very patiently she went over the college application process with us and eased any anxiety. Ms. Kenya is an excellent mentor in this labyrinthine process, and we wish her nothing but the very best always.”

Neeraja and Ramu stated:

“My husband and I were at a great disadvantage because neither of us had gone through the US School system. We were introduced to Ms. Kenya when our son was a junior. Even before the first meeting Ms. Kenya had sent us a questionnaire to gauge the academic level and college interests of our son. When we walked away from the first meeting we knew we had come to the right place. She had gathered a lot of information about the colleges our son was interested in, and patiently walked us through the entire process. What would have otherwise been a very laborious and overwhelming process became something we could manage in the last two years. She was always available to our son and us (when we had questions) and we found her to be very knowledgeable, helpful and accommodating. I have been actively recommending Ms. Kenya to all my friends with high school kids, so they can benefit from her subject matter expertise. We highly recommend Ms. Kenya.”

Listen to our Pelham students!

Olivia stated:

“I had such a hard time writing my college essays. I was stuck. Ms. Kenya really helped me think it through by asking me questions about my ideas. It was so helpful. I got into 12 colleges. I am going to attend Vanderbilt University on a scholarship!”

Alicia stated:

“I got into Swarthmore College and Vassar College! Thanks so much for your advice over the past three years! It helped me make good decisions about my extracurriculars, which gave me plenty to write about in my essays.” 

Jason stated:

“I am so thankful for your help with finding a career match for my college applications. I was really unsure about what major to choose with interests in History, Criminal Justice, and Political Science. I was admitted into several colleges. I am going to study Criminal Justice at CUNY John Jay College of Criminal Justice.” 

Victoria stated:

“I was so overwhelmed with applying to colleges. I worked with Ms. Kenya for over two years, and she helped me pick extracurriculars, edit my essays, and answer my questions about the admissions process. Now, I have been admitted into my top 5 colleges with scholarship offers of over $30,000 for each school! She made this experience much easier for me and my parents.” 

Andre stated:

“I am going to UCLA!! Thank you, Ms. Kenya for giving me great advice and support. I am so excited.” 

Sarah stated:

“Thanks for your help! I could not have done it without you. I have been admitted to Georgetown University, the University of Texas, the University of Chicago, Boston College, and Purdue University. The decision is going to be hard.”

Priya stated:

“I got admitted into Virginia Tech, Drexel University, Rutgers University, and Georgia Tech to study Engineering. I also received a full scholarship to the New Jersey Institute of Technology. Thanks for being so patient with me, Ms. Kenya.” 

Alexis stated:

“Kenya has a tremendous amount of professional experience and is extremely knowledgeable about the college admissions process. She truly understands what colleges are looking for and knows how to guide you toward success. Her expertise made the college application process a breeze for my family and I. After writing my essay, Kenya helped me make it more professional. I was admitted into my top choice of schools to study music. I highly recommend Kenya from Pelham Admissions Edge!” Alexis is currently attending Kutztown University in Kutztown, Pennsylvania.

Shirley stated:

“I accredit Kenya Mosby’s guidance during my doctoral application process as a conduit to my acceptance into my program of choice.  Kenya has a unique ability to translate her client’s strengths and narrative that speaks to the academic admissions language and expectations.  In my experience, Kenya met 1:1 with me to review my personal statement draft and worked with me to iterate to a final, impactful draft.  Her knowledge of the admission process is remarkable.  I highly recommend Pelham Admissions Edge to support you in your academic admissions journey.” She is currently attending Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey in New Brunswick, New Jersey.

Pranay stated:

“The college process is long, tedious, and tough to manage if you are not organized. Lucky for me, Ms. Kenya was right there beside me to help me navigate the college process. First, I gave her a short description of my high school information and what my goal was to study in college. From that, she was able to choose colleges for me that best matched my abilities. This really helped me see what colleges I should focus on and apply to. When I wrote essays, Ms. Kenya was always available to talk with me on how to improve them. She always got back to me as soon as possible, and helped encourage me when my essays needed improvement. Overall, I would not have been able to navigate this process without her and get accepted into my top schools.”  Pranay is currently attending Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana.

Samantha stated:

“Mrs. Mosby helped me a lot on my college application process. Throughout the many meetings we had, Mrs. Mosby helped me narrow down my college choices and helped me complete my application process. Specifically, she helped me a lot on my essay. I remember having over the phone meetings to discuss revisions to my essays. I am very grateful for all of her help, and for how much time she spent with me to make my essay perfect. She was always ready to help me with anything I needed. She made my whole college application process a lot easier.”  Samantha is currently attending Drew University in Madison, New Jersey.

Palak stated:

“Your guidance has meant so much and helped me more than you know. Your efforts and time invested in my success paid off. Not everyone can do what you do.” Palak is currently attending Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Vijay stated:

“When I first started my college application, I was overwhelmed with the amount of essays that I had to write. I then started to work on them with Ms. Kenya and she was able to help me manage my time and write my essays without much stress. She also helped me edit my essays. She knew exactly what a college admissions officer wanted to see, and she was able to help me sculpt my essays into ones that truly reflected me and my personality.” Vijay has been admitted into Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland.